Monday, April 30, 2007

I have decided

I see the brain doc on Thursday to set a day for my surgery. Then I am going back to work. The end. I am sick of being home. I am sick of being dizzy. I am sick of weeding. I am sick of being stuck more than anything.

I haven't driven since about regressing! I have to ask for rides everywhere; so of course, I have to really THINK about where I want to go and what I want to do and cram all I can into my outings.

I got my first disability check...I made about the same 35 years ago when I first started to teach. They were off by two entire takes about 90 days for this stuff to get started and all I can say is that if my husband didn't work, we would be on the street by now. Sure, on paper, I look great---in in real life, all my money is ties up and disbursed by people who have a regular paycheck and can't see what a little delay can hurt. And their little delay of a week turns into a month turns into 90 days.

I have to see my regular doctor so he can resign the FMLA hasn;t gone thru yet because he didn;t complete the paperwork. Same thing with the disability papers. He signed the day he was SIGNING the papers as the first day I was out.

Now really, do you think that these are the first and only papers he has ever signed?

Me neither.

But on the knitting front, I have finished the BABY sweater. Maybe I mentioned it? It still needs to be seamed, ends woven in and washed...probably more than once, I am one of those grimy knitters. Mom's Christmas/Mother's Day afgan is almost finished...again, so grimy you can;t really tell what color it is.

I have projects to start after this, so I really do need to get moving. The house is clean, I can say that. The laundry is caught up. I need new towels for the master bath and I need to clean the poolhouse (winter is always hard on it) and since it is not REALLY part of the house, I never put it on the list.

I have tomatoes to put out and the eternal weeding to do....but I AM going back to work maybe as soon as Friday...which is perfect...spend the entire day at return to work and then fool around until lunch because no one was expecting me. Maybe do some filing or answer the phone....and then there are the rounds of Friday meetings! I could always go to those.

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Anonymous said...

You changed your background from black to white! I wish you luck on the back to work thing. Even more luck on the doctors signing the papers thing. The more education a person has . . .