Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I finished my book!

It's about raising an autistic, schziophrenic son. Not an easy read because it hasn't been an easy journey. However, I do think I have a voice and that it would be a help to other mothers in the same boat. He is 22 now and while he is still constantly dealing with concerns, they aren't the same ones he dealt with five years ago.

It helps that that he is very high functioning....but he is still, as he says "crazy as a loon."

I read Danielle Steele's book about her son, Nick and while mine is not as heartbreaking and I didn;t have the kind of money she did for help, in the end, there is NO amount of money that you can throw at this problem that will make it right. If I won the lottery TONIGHT, there wouldn't be enough money to fix him.

Because he's not broken. I believe he is the way he is because God sent him that way. And I believe that God surely must know what he is doing, becasue if he doesn't, we are all screwed with a phillips head. (My mother used to say that...she said it sounded less low class.)

So I did the best I could and handed him 500 pages...which I think is A LOT. Hoping that he doesn't tell me to burn it or wait until he is dead before I do anything with it, because I think it is a powerful story.


Paulie said...

Let us know when it gets sent to the publisher. I have an autistic boy in daycare suring summer and after school and it has had some bad days. He is highly functioning asperger also but not schizophrenic.


Novel said...

Put me on the circulation list when it is published.