Sunday, October 29, 2006

Another weekend at the beachhouse

I love these long, lazy quiet weekends here. I can sit and knit and watch the hummers and butterflies in my little garden, but we mainly do ittle to nothing. When I bring Rocket, I will walk the two blocks to the little park....and there is always the tide to watch. And the golfers.

Yesterday was particularly busy...Girlie came up with us and we went to town to the bookstore. The end. That was the sum total of what we did. (Well, besides fixing meals...which is nothing!)
She cannot believe that we just rest up here....there are so many things to do....what she doesn;t realize is that I've DONE them all. We have even quit going out to eat because...well, I like the food we fix ourselves better. No tables to wait for, no disappointing surprises. I have just one place I like for clam chowder and onion rings and I don;t really care to go find another place. I lke this one.

We are going to Arizona next week...and I put my foot down. NO EATING AT THE CHEVRON STATIONS. We have to actually STOP to eat. When we did the road trip from Florida to California, we were on a real time restraint and didn;t stop once for decent food. It was fill up the car. go to the bathroom and grab something. That whole trip, we were cranky and out of sorts (okay, we did do LA, TEXAS and NM in one day. Texas is one big state.) But we have to eat decently to have any hope of enjoying the trip. And it's not as if we HAVE to get back on Monday at 6 am.

I am still having problems with vertigo...not all the time but when I do, it's a doozy. Going to see Dr. Wong tomorrow to see if he can figure out what is wong with me. Then in mid-Novemeber, I go see a nuero for a CAT scan. No clue as to what the heck is wrong. And my head...I have this nagging little headache that goes along with the dizziness.

I don't mind getting old, but I mind falling apart.

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Paulie said...

Have a great trip! Hope you are going for fun and not business. I envy you and your beach house and your hotel and. . . lol