Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Judy is in the process of moving; you know how that is

The movers are crating her things in Provo.
She is between two houses (she's lived in Provo for, oh, 30 years.)
She's moving to Salt Lake while she waits for the big house in Park City to be finished.

Mom is in Salt Lake, where the boys are taking turns taking care of her until Judy is all moved in.
I've not talked to her, since she can't hear on the effing phones.

I can hear her in the background. She is in her element, ordering people around.
I'm not sure that the boys and their wives/girlfriends are much for listening to her.

Judy has called here to see if I know where she put this that or the other.

I only know where she put the stuff in the RV.
She's since unpacked the RV.
How would I know where it is now?

Sometimes I think I was sent home with the totally wrong family.

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