Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas is early for us: Lisi is working and we'll be on the road

Perfect: We are all together, snug and safe
Except: Lisi, who is working at the jail Someone has to keep the streets safe. Might as well be her at double time and a half. She volunteered.

We'll have another Christmas with judy and Mom in Utah, so this one is pretty much Lisi-centric.

So here is Lisi's new sewing basket (courtesy of Marji); zip pockets for notions and a sushi pincushion. There is also a needle keeper, a thread braid (I'll post a photo because I can't explain it), good scissors and a bunch of other little things she'll need for mending. Lisi is no seamstress. I lined the inside of the basket so it would look nice but I have no real expectation of her ever ACTUALLY using it. She did teach one of her inmates how to sew on a button and told me that it made her feel really competent, so I'm not a total failure in teaching her those useful skills needed in life (besides balancing her checkbook, doing laundry and saving 10% of her paycheck).


Anonymous said...

So, I assume you are headed to Prescott after Utah? How did the visit with the cranky ladies go?

Chloe said...

I'll tell you. It is a very long, albeit amusing story.

PERBS said...

We had snow too -- 14 days of the white stuff so far and I am in 7th heaven!