Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trying to post an actual knit pattern

WAY easier than it looks.

Keep tuning it, because it is one of most enduring favorites. I've been making this same pattern now for...oh, 25 years and I still like it. It is easy, entertaining and quick. Very little math. Cute in all manner of yarns. I can make it stripey or textured or subtle or bright. Mainly, it is just tapioca for my brain and that is plenty good enough for me.

This is pretty much the sketch I use all the time. I can add cuffs to the sleeves or make it a cardigan, no problem. It is nice, mindless and slouchy. Fitted? Now that's another pattern.


Novel said...

Hey, where is it then?

Sorry about your and Mike's friend, Chloe. Sorry you were left to clear up all the mess; real and metaphorical.

PERBS said...

Looks like a sweater to me! When are you going to finish it IF you have been "making it for 25 years?" Ü

Still hunting for the post about the friend. . .