Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's not that I'm Important

Because God knows, I'm not.

But I just got an "emergency" email for the Monday meeting ( I bet it has nothing to do with me at all and they better have good coffee). Nothing makes me happier than getting a work email on a Sunday. We are in a leaderless state (no real principal), the acting is out, Jaqui is at training, the AP is out and that leaves just me knowing anything about this. And I gues they figured they better let me know now so I could get cleaned up, cause you never know what I'll look like.

The only ER meetings I can go to are these kinds because the rest of the week, somebody has to come hunt me down, because I have officers and a buncha inmates all ducated to test. I cannot just jump into my batmobile and swoop on down to the front, stopping for a soda on the way.

Not only am I busy, I am far away, locked up and busy.

And I am leaving that meeting at 820 because if I don't start at 830, we won't get finished by yard recall. And if there's a lockdown...well, praise Jesus, is all I can say. I need two or three days or a week.

I'm changing my email to
And I'm never going to check it on the weekend.

Those guys are not the boss of me 24/7.


PERBS said...

lol That's why you get the big bucks!

PERBS said...

OK, I finally found it! I had left a comment the post below it. I guess making two quilts and being sick and having jury duty and the regular things in life I got behind. . . did leave several comments below tho.

{{{{{{{{{{{Chloe and hubby}}}}}}}}}}}

You will always have the good memories.

I like that new email for your job emails. hehehehe

Novel said...

IS there such a time as that?
If there is, it is totally unreasonable. Can't you pretend you never received that email? I LOVE the new email address and if you don't use it, I am going to - LOL!
Do let us know what was SO important that it just couldn't wait for a reasonable hour...