Saturday, October 04, 2008

Goals for 2009

  1. No more headaches. I'll try to do what the head doctor tells me. It's been a THREE whole weeks now since my head far so good.
  2. Finish my blue sweater. Can't finish if I don't even bother to pick it up.
  3. Finish grey sweater. DONE
  4. Repair pink afghan. See #3.
  5. I'd like to go to Stitches West in 2011. I have plans for 2009 and 2010, so 2011 is my first opening. (How did I manage to get booked so far in advance?)
  6. MLK weekend-well, already I have to put that on hold. I'm booked for that weekend. Darn-ola.
  7. Rag roll the dining room (that dusty pink is just off the mark) and then stripe it with painters tape and THEN paint over it with clear glaze. That will give me just the sheerest stripe that will just pick up the light.
  8. Cruise to Alaska. July 2009 (Paid for)
  9. Refinish my sewing table. I think I'll take it over to the coast and work on it over there. I want to strip it down to the bare wood (it's painted white now) and then stain it something dark to go into my little office off the master bedroom in the hotel.
  10. Zero out my credit cards. I think I owe less than $900, so I can do this by next month. I just have to write the checks. DONE
  11. Renew my teaching credential. Silly me, I thought last time WAS the last time. Once more. Maybe.
  12. Go thru my closet and actually get rid of my clothes that are too big. When we moved out to Plant Ops (2 miles from the parking lot) I lost FOUR SIZES. Even my equipment belt can't keep my pants up anymore. I need to toss out my slacks and actually buy new ones (okay-seven new ones that all look exactly the same) that at least fit.
  13. Recover my big huge couch with a leopard print velvety chenille (as soon as the upholstery shop reopens at the prison, or I couldn't afford what I want. I have the gimp and the fancy nails that I'll put on myself, along with the heavy fringe). The inmates will do the triple tobacco colored welting, though.
  14. I already have the fabric (on sale at the Cotton Ball) and the fabric for the over-sized cushy down pillows with the really luxe fringe (again, on sale from the Britex). Once that gets done, up into the hotel and cover with a set of Salvation Army sheets. Really, this fabric is beyond luxe and totally over the top. And the trim is something you would see in an old style Hollywood estate--totally and outrageously expensive (except I got the very end of the bolt for almost nothing and I haggeled over the price.)
  15. Make the fancy, elaborate Victorian lampshades to go in the hotel. It is all hand sewing and even I can do that.


PERBS said...

I have two plans. . . finish the two quilts I am making from a fund raiser we had in July and make the memory book for my church's 50th anniversary by May. Oops! One more. . . serve on jury duty in two weeks. . . sigh

keri said...

looks like your going to be busy for awhile

charliwrites said...

I haven't even started thinking about my 2009 goals. I am still working on the 2008 ones, which I may have to roll over into '09. At least some of them. Staying busy makes us feel young again?