Tuesday, November 27, 2007

When the kids were little

I took them to see "Joseph and the Technicalcolor Dreamcoat" at the Barn Theater. (We saw it probably 10 times, with different casts)> This first time, they were so little (2 and 5 maybe) , they sat on the backs of the theater seats. When Potifer's wife falsely accused Joseph and Potfer tossed him in prison, you could have heard a pin drop, sinc ei tis very dramatic moment....at which point my two wailed, "She's LYING! He didn't do it!!"

And ever since, we try to go to every production big, small, national or junior high, just because we like it so much.

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Novel said...

We love it too, but not enough to go 10 times to the same production!
I have played Pontipha's wife and my brother was Pharaoh(sp?). We had a hoot! I produced it at school a few years ago and we had such fun! It's brilliant.

We go to a big musical in London every Christmas - this year it will be "Wicked" and the girls are so excited. "Popular" has been echoing off all the walls for weeks LOL

So, all together now..."Way, way back many centuries ago, Not long after the Bible began, Jacob lived in the land of Canaan, A fine example of a family man........."