Saturday, November 03, 2007

Giving blood and other butch things I do

Needles don't scare me. Not much does. So when the annual blood wagon drove up, I was first in line. Now, I work with REALLY tough guys and they were sweating bullets. You can always tell. They are too chatty, for one.

So I lie down on one of those rocky little bed chair things and much to my surprise (because I guess I've never bothered to look) the nurse comes at me with this REALLY big bore needle.

What do I do? Faint.

It is the best way to get immediate attention, or so I have found. Of course, me fainting meant that some of my muscle bound comrades keeled over, too.

But once I got packed in ice and some orange juice in me, I was as perky as a spring day. When you faint, they don't yank the works out, did you know that? Unconscious blood is just as good as conscious blood,

So I spend, oh...45 minutes being drained out. They pulled the needle part way out so I didn't go too fast and faint again. And every time I closed my eyes, someone would come by and poke me to make sure I hadn't fainted again.

So it was a nice way to kill almost an entire morning...something that should have taken about 30 minutes took me a little bit longer.

Then I had to wait for 30 minutes, to make sure I didn't faint again. Of course, all they had were twinkies and water to drink, so the nurses had to trot off and get me orange juice.

So I spend the rest of the day, working on files. drive home and decide to hop into the hot tub.

Silly, Silly Silly. I got so light headed, I could seriously visulaize the EMT's
dragging my water logged body out of the hot I hopped out (well, I dragged myself out and staggered into the house) where I settled down on the floor and watched my arm turn into this. Now mind you, it hurt only about as much as biting your lip.

But it was certainly good for a lot of sympathy out at the gun range.

And I'm off the yard until they get the staph infection under control, since the Lt...who just happened to be in my third grade class, could not BELIEVE I was walking around, looking like this.

ANd yeah, I did push up my sleeves. What good is a bruise like this (which only got worse) if no one can see it?

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Paulie said...

The first and only time i tried to give blood for a woman who desperately needed it, i was refused. In other words they might as well have said, go home -- you need a complete transfusion yourself! I never had to go through with it.

In recent years, I have had medical work done that involved blood tests and I hate it. I freeze up and it hurts so much. I am so glad I have an "excuse" to never give blood again.

Also, my BIL gave blood faithfully for 25 years and when his wife needed it, shehad to pay for it so he stopped giving.