Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I've MISPLACED my friend, Day!

I don't visit blogs every day but I do visit. Imagine my surprise when my friend Day's blog vanished! I know no one has to get my personal permission, but it felt exactly like being in the market and discovering your checkbook is missing.

Anyway, I'm missing her updates!

I'm still valiantly working, trying to get all my students tested and placed, while trying to cajole them into TAKING the tests. These are not scholars, by any means. And I'm still working on the no-swearing zone.


Paulie said...

Hope you find the blog again soon -- did you try googling it?

Novel said...

Dear Chloe,
Thank-you for including me amongst your friends. The feeling is mutual. I will email you.
Love from,
Day x

Paulie said...

Please visit my blog and find the award I have presented to you.

Anonymous said...

Where have you looked?