Monday, November 20, 2006

Shout out to Fresno

I live in a really little town. I would bet within a WEEK, I drive MAYBE 10 miles. TEN. So when I have to drive to Fresno (about 30 miles away), it is a BIG DEAL. They have traffic, traffic lights, multiple highways and exits. (I grew up in Minisculeville with TWO highway exits and when I moved here,,,,to Eensytown with four exits, I thought I had really moved to the city.)

So I don't like driving and I don't like driving in TOWN (which is what Fresno is). I usually cut Fresno off my places to go in October, since I have no desire to fight the holiday traffic.

So this week, I will be in Fresno FOUR times. I bet in the last year I haven't been to Fresno that many times. And since I hate malls even more than I hate shopping, I am driving right straight to my appointment and zipping right back home, where I belong.

When I retire, I am looking for a little town in a little country where there aren;t very many people and no cars.

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