Friday, June 27, 2008

The one where we take a long weekend at the beach

The air in the Central Valley is all but unbreathable. I'm not sure if the problem is forest fires (I read on the world wide waste of time that there were 1100 fires, but I don;t know if that was in the US, in CA or someplace else.
All I know is that it is so smoky I can't breathe. So we left early this morning and the entire drive just got smokier and smokier...just like we were driving towards the flames. Never saw any of them but the air didn't clear up until we saw the rock, when we were just minutes from the ocean.

Clear as a bell here...nice and cool, but sunny. I have my sprinklers on (did a lot of new planting two weeks ago) and am thinking about going into town (SLO) for some yarn for a sweater for ME for a change and a pedicure. We are going to AZ next week and I always like to buy new sandals and have my toes look nice. Despite the fact I barely will drag a comb through my hair, I like to look as if I do take a modicum of care of myself.

Which reminds me to go get my good earring that are two big to sleep in. I want to wear them on my trip. I like sparkly things and I have SIX bracelets on and two rings. Just a tad over the top.


But only if I get casino rat gold lame sandals with rhinestones. THAT would sent my entire look right over the top. (I have on my levi capris and a white tee....nothing too flashy.)


Paulie said...

Well, it looks like you have solved the heat problem! It will be 95 here today and tomorrow probably hit 100. Just when I was going to go on a hike. I don't think so now. Oh well, at least it is not rain to complain about.

Anonymous said...

AZ is HOT!!! But you are going to Prescott where it is MUCH cooler than Phx! I can't wait to get to higher ground...

edbteach said...


I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. I found you through

I have recently begun a blog and would like to put you on my blog roll. Would that be OK?


Chloe said...

You bet, Elizabeth. I tried to email you but evidently, I am too big of a dolt to figure it out.