Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm taking some time off work for a while

I work at a prison and after a guy gave me a black eye and another guy I DON'T EVEN KNOW planned to kick the shit out of me for no other reason than he felt like it.

I confess. I was just a tad bit on edge. ANd this is not a gang hit.

I hold no office. I an nothing but a teacher with no power. I can't even get pencils.
My misdeed is that I surround myself with sociopaths ALL DAY LONG.

Last week, (Wednesday at about 1032) I overheard several of my students (not chatting in English) planning to overpower me, rape me orally, anally and vaginally, yank my fingers off my hands, break my neck and then dismember me and hide my body parts in various areas of the the classroom and mop room. This was not a well thought out plan, since I have someone watching me pretty much all day--except THIS day, while he was at the door for several 5 minute periods during the day.

The last woman this happened to had her skull fractured, her jaw broken and was raped untold times. She was out of sight of other OFFICERS for less than seven minutes. Bet you never read about her, did you. If this had happened to me, besides my family, no one would EVER read about this, either. Ever.

So I am mad, scared and just not ready to go back in.
If this makes me a crybaby and you think I'm manipulating the system....YOU GO DO WHAT I after day after day, YOU listen to the inmates who should have gotten the dealth penalty. YOU respect their rights.

Because, buddy, right now, I can't.

It will take at least a month for MY complaints to wend thier way into a hearing.
AND during that month?
I have no plan to be frightened out of my wits, DAY after DAY after DAY by people who'd like to yank my fingers off my hands.

For no other reason than that they are sociopaths and it doesn't hurt them.


Meggin said...

Chloe, I read your blog insatiably. (I lurk/sometimes post at T-net.) You put my bad days with 4th graders in perspective--I really don't have bad days compared to you! Was going to tell you to hang in there, but instead I'll say take care of yourself. Ten years of working where you do should count as 100!

Shrinky Inky said...

I don't blame you one damn bit. I just TYPE reports about those sociopaths and it's enough to make my blood curl - seeing them face-to-face is something downright heroic on your part.

Anonymous said...

I think you have been working in the Seventh Circle of Hell long enough. I also think you deserve some sort of medal AND a mental health release so that you can heal and gain some perspective. Not that the real world doesn't have crazies, but ours are funnier.

You also need to talk about what happened and talk and talk and talk until you have cleansed your soul.

Paulie said...

I am so shocked to hear this because you have always been so positive about working there. I am sorry this happened but glad you "caught it" in time before something worse happened. It is bad enough that you were injured. Take care and think seriously of retiring or moving on to something else less dangerous.