Thursday, March 08, 2007

I can;t spell and it is March

I recently read all of my archived posts. Holy Moly, I sure have a problem with spelling! Honest, I can spell and one of these days, I'm going to make the needed correcctions.

Now it is March and the sun is shining and I think I will go out and weed in the sunshine next week. I need to take the dogs out with me in the very large, very fenced yard to figure out which one of thim is scaring the mailman. I got a registered letter telling me that one of my dogs is simply too terrifying and if I don;t do something about him/her, I'll be a daily guest at the Post Office.

Tank weighs 80 pounds. He likes to run and bark and lay in the sun. no way can he leave my 12 foot wrought iron fence.
Matt is 19. He can;t even find the fence.
Rocket can get out. She weight 2 pounds, with hair. however, Girlies went out with duck tape and duck taped all the decorative squares on the bottom of the wrought iron fence. Rocket is too fat to get out through the round decorative holes.

Plus, they are in the house when the truck pulls up. I open the door and we all spill out, like we are on an ice rink. It's pretty funny. Dangerous? Nope. The truck roars away before we get down the bottom of the steps.

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Paulie said...

Chloe, it is sooo good to see you post again. . . I don't understand the problem with the mailman since you have a big iron fence. . . but of course, I understand being afraid of dogs no matter how gentle and loving they are.

A neighbor's small dog came running at me this week one day as I stepped outside to go catch a bus. It barked and jumped at me and I was paralyzed. I know it was stupid to be afraid of such a little dog. . . and I have never done anything to make it "hate" me.

That day, when I recovered from the shock of the dog running at me as I came outside, I gathered my wits finally after freezing up and then I yelled at the owner who just stood there. I told her I had never done anything to her dog or anyone elses and I didn't expect her dog to attack me and if she could not keep it in control, I would certainly report her. This was the first time I said anything.

Maybe you should go out without the dogs and talk to the mailman next time. It might be a misunderstanding. I can see both sides. I wish you luck.

So good to see you posting again. I, too, have gone back and fixed typos. Thank goodness you can edit anytime.