Friday, August 18, 2006

LIttle update

Tough recovery from this shoulder surgery. Very tough.

I may need to go back in and have more work done...and I am still trying to wrap my brain around this. It hurt so much the first time, I' m not sure there are enough drugs IN THE UNIVERSE to dope me suffiencently to do this again.

However, I still really hurt. I have very little mobility in my shoulder, hence the idea that I need to go back and get more work done. The "work" is, of course, really ripping and tearing. The adhesions need to be torn unlike abdominal adhesions, where they go in and snip the webs of scar tissue, in my case, they would manipulate my shoulder under anesthesia. When means, once I am asleep, they'll yank the bejesus out of the joint, tearing up all the adhesions.

Yeah, I thought it sounded like fun, too.

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