Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hummingbirds! We have Hummers!

We bought several really pretty feeders last week at an art show..pretty blown glass, with blown glass flowers that come out so I can wash the feeders when I refill them. The globes are clear glass with swirls of colors that are intensified with the red hummingbird food.

I hung them on the sunset side of the house,suspended on copper s-hooks, at different heights, hanging over a bed of the palest ivory moonlight nasturtiums, clumps of brilliant day and spider lillies. There are masses of hostas there, too, growing in the rich, damp soil, with mounds of white allysum and coleus filling in all available space. When the long slanting rays of the sunset hit the globes, I have a patio filled with a dazzling rainbow every evening.

I lived, once, in a house where a huge trumpet vine climbed in a tall elm. Each night, a flock of dozens of hummers would fly home to nest there; each morning, they would take flight in the early morning, the flock splitting in the sunrise to find the nectar from gardens all over town.

This morning, I had dozens...DOZENS...of hummers at my feeders. I was looking out the kitchen window and I had dozens of the tiny bodies, sipping at the feeders. I took my coffee and my book and sat out on the patio, just listening to the peaceful hummmm of the birds, along with the seagulls and doves and the sound of boats in the harbor.

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