Monday, June 19, 2006

Morphine does silly things to my brain

It has been thirteen weeks since I tore my rotator cuff.
It hurts.
It really hurts.
It hurts even when I sit in the hot tub and take drugs.
So tonight, I decided that I needed to amputate it. Get a hook. Or one of those claw things. Or a spike. Or all three.
And what will my mother say, when she finds out I've lost my entire right arm at the shoulder?

"Well, there's seven pounds you'll never have to lose again!"


Novel said...

You're funny, even when making sick jokes!
How much longer do you have to wait before someone does something?!
I am sorry for your pain and can only hope it will be sorted before soon.

Novel said...
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Novel said...'s now 26th.
Chloe....write more. I am not liking that you posted this and then 'disappeared'.
Surgery within sight now?