Friday, June 09, 2006

Girlie Graduates Tonight

High school has been such a....challange? Imposition? Annoyance? At any rate, her grades were about on par of cleaning her closet! And it wasn't that she didn't enjoy school; it's just that the social aspect of it far outweighed the academic part. This semester, there was sincere doubt that she would graduate. However, she wheeled and dealed with her teachers, wrote essays like mad, did extra credit work and manipulated her way out of the hole she had dug single handedly.

Her photo was in the yearbook three times besides her senior photo--Girlie with her VW and truck; Girlie pouring coffee; Girlie lolling in front of her sign. And the kids who signed her yearbook? Really nice, decent comments.

She has nice friends, who talk about how unbelieveable square they are (no drinking, no drugs, no abortions) and come over to visit. She was named "Most Likely to Become a Politician"

She's driving the Mercedes convertible tonight because she doesn't drink (plus it is a cool ride).

She told me that there were FIFTY kids who didn't have enough credits to walk tonight (thank goodness it wasn't fifty-one)-- they won;t be allowed to participate in the Sober Grad night or anything--which is sad, because these aren't kids who dropped out--they just didn't anticipate today coming so fast after September.

She is wearing a net chiffon gored skirt--ivory with black embroidery, black cashmere twinset and coral sling-backs. She looks SO grownup. It is hard to believe that my little baby who shooed me of the her kinder room is graduating.

She has a party after and parties tomorrow; then on Sunday, she and some friends are driving over to the beach house to lounge around before work starts for all of them on Tuesday.

I am armed with a camera a fresh batteries and an empty memory card. Photos to follow.

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