Saturday, February 25, 2006

Now to the knitting part

I went to Eugene to buy some pretty, slate blue cashmere for a cable sweater for Darling. (This was in September). I've had as much as 18 inches of theback done before I noticed a large glaring error, so I ripped it out.
I have a hard time casting on and getting the beginning ribbing I did that for about three months.
Then I went to a knitting time! However, about 12 inches into the back, I noticed that somehow, I had
a)miscounted in alomost every row
b)must have read the pattern in a language other than k and p
c)managed to drop stiches hither and yon

So I ripped that out.

So it is now almost the end of February. I spent THE ENTIRE WEEK getting 1 1/2 inches of even ribbing completed (no dropped stitches) and THREE PATTERN ROWS done.

Be still my beating heart. I think the hardest part is over.

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