Saturday, August 02, 2008

The one where I put my computer together

Why do computers have so many cords? Why is it possible for me to put every single one of the cords in every conceivable way but the right way? Rhetorical, since there is only one way for a phone charger to fit into the cell phone. It always takes me two tries to get it to fit. Okay, sometimes three.

So I am trying to hook up my computer and I know for a fact I have all the cords, since I'm the one who took it apart and taped all the cords to the printer, which brings up yet ANOTHER question. WHY is my printer so huge?

So I finally get all the cords except one connected (one disappeared. I hope it's not vital.) Then I have to crawl under my desk and find the plug for the surge protector to go in. So I am lying there on the dirty floor and thinking about people on a chatboard I frequent who often mention about how teachers do no manual labor. I have just moved hundreds of boxes that I packed. I have moved hundreds of pieces of furniture. I've loaded trucks. I've off loaded trucks. And that's just HERE.

So I'm lying there wondering how long I could lie there before someone noticed me. All day probably. And the floor is filthy. When Oscar Madison gets her junk put away, I am going to have Hismael (NHRN) and Freddie Wanted Dead or Alive strip it and wax it. This new office area is altogether far too dirty to not be a barn.


edbteach said...

I hate that whole million cord thing. And the cords that you have to undo (you know how they bundle the excess cord with twist ties) to plug them in and then there is cord EVERYWHERE???

And for some reason (because I am the only one under 50 probably) I am the computer guru for my parents and inlaws.

I totally hear you about dirty classrooms. A spider was once painted over onto the wall in one of our classroom. EWW!

Paulie said...

When it's all done, you will like it. I never heard why you moved, I guess.