Sunday, July 29, 2007


Finally finished not one but TWO iron bedsteads. (Sanding is the #1 most boring project in the world). They go off tomorrow to be powder coated in ivory. I'll do all the highlights in gold by hand. These are probably the most ornate beds I've ever seen and even if they don;t match, I think they will look really great.

The walls in this room are the color of a wheat field...just a pretty, soft natural gold. There are four huge windows 3x6, so there is a lot of natural light. I've redone the faux finishing on all the woodwork, so you have the light and the dark going on, along with the ivory beds.

My plan is to hang lace sheers, for privacy and then use vintage damask table cloths for the drapes. I have a ton of vintage linens, so I'm making pillows, shams, neckrolls all out of this really wonderful fabrics. They will all be different but not in a foofy way...more like a tailored and elegant foof.

The beds have very light lavendar toile quilts that I may flip over and just use the plain ivory dise. Each bed has a camel backed truck at the foot of the bed and my grndmother's old treadle machine as the nightstand. I even have twin mattresses under each bed so i can sleep at least four and maybe more than that, depemding on how friendly everyone is!

I am still looking for a neat lampshade---probably the brass art decolamp with a burned velvet shade. A friend suggested some orange to pop in all that lavendar...I'm thinking of some country photos of lavendar fields with orange poppies...just enough and not super huge; just a little.

I have some pots of lavendar and salvia on the veranda and I think I'll dry some to put on the night stand, too.

This is going to mainly be my sewing room--the table is right in front of two of the windows so I have lots of natural light. Darling is going to rework some armoires so I have a place for my yarn/fabric/trim. I have a fireplace in the works with bookshelves on either side...plenty of room for my sewing books!

I can tell you how helpful the teachers on teachersnet have been. Nothing but great ideas.

Good thinkg, since I am running a teensy bit dry on great ideas, lately. I think it is all the sanding.


Paulie said...

Good to see you posting again. Nice to read of the update on your hotel remodeling.

Anonymous said...

Which room is this going to be? Is it the one at the very front? Where Incense Man lied to us?

Personally, I would keep the lavender side up on the quilts. But then, I'm a sucker for all things purple.

Novel said...

I love the sound of the ivory and gold against the wheat coloured walls. Lavender is a beautiful colour too - and you'll be able to complement it with the smell. Lovely, lovely.